June 15, 2011

GREEN LANTERN movie review

what can you say about the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds? other than it's made by Warner Bros. Pictures tying up with DC Comics, it's got great action, OK for 3D, and it's showing starting June 16 in Philippine theaters.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a brave pilot who was chosen by the powerful Green Lantern ring. from the original owner, he will be tasked to defend the universe from an increasing threat of Parallax. and he will be alienated in a new world in another sector of the universe where he will be trained as the new Green Lantern and be part of the corps.

and with the power of the ring, he will be indispensable. his imagination can defend himself and others from harm. however, disguising under a green mask and a body fit, almost fleshy suit, Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) still recognizes him, which is a very funny part. other than that, i found his imaginations a little bit childish. don't judge me if i'm not a comic-reader or a superhero fanatic, but wheels on a helicopter and making it to a roller coaster?!

anyway, the plot of the movie is just so simple. but i hope sequels will be better. try to watch until the end credits because there's still something for you.

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