November 16, 2012

A magic carpet ride

i was transported back in time when i saw Atlantis Productions' newest musical, Disney's ALADDIN. starring Tom Rodriguez as Aladdin and our new Disney Princess from the Philippines, Kayla Meagan Iovan as Princess Jasmine. opening November 16 to December 9 2012 at the Meralco Theater, this is one musical that you have to take your kids and kids-at-heart to.
one of the very famous Arabian Nights tales, ALADDIN takes us all into the adventure of a street rat getting lucky rubbing a magic lamp and assisted by a genie (Aiza Seguerra) to grant his wishes. including to impress a girl who happens to be the princess of Agrabah and whose title throne would be sacrificed when not married at the right time. living in a lie and adding to the big ambition of Jafar, a wizard with an evil plan to rule Agrabah, Aladdin discovers that greatness is not what found on the outside, but what is inside.
when Atlantis Productions makes this musical to happen, i already had a lot of things to think on how they will do the set, the Cave of Wonders, grandiose productions and most of all, the magic carpet. some characters from what we know of the Disney animation, Abu the monkey was replaced by three men who also come as narrators and comic relief of the story. when Tom and Kayla went out, everybody was already expecting A Whole New World over the magic carpet which flowed gracefully onstage. both of them are in their prince and princess aura. Tom also had that Aladdin role very well suited for him from a playful street rat and to a gallant prince. Kayla, on the other hand, is a strong-willed princess. and she sang almost like Lea Salonga! A Whole New World turned very romantic while seeing them up the magic carpet.

ALADDIN takes us more to the Arab culture with the set and costumes. the market to the palace and to Genie's production numbers, are wonderful.

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