May 25, 2009

Ohmski Birthday Triduum

everything went to my favor as i welcome my silver year. the events and things that i wanted to do on my birthday went smoothly as planned. first, i was able to attend the FHM Street Party at Eastwood City, Libis. the night was fun especially when you had sexiness overload on the side. i was with Joriben who became my companion throughout the event.

but before i went there, i purchased two items that i really wanted to have. one is the FHM May 2009 issue which is my ticket to enter the party. and second, D' Mas Nakakalurkei na Album by no other than the Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura of Love Radio 90.7.

it was really sexiness overload as FHM models strut the ramp. the event was hosted by Andrea del Rosario joined by the Kitty Girls, Paloma, Carlene Aguilar and lastly Bangs Garcia who is the current cover girl of FHM for May 2009. Itchyworms, one of my favorite OPM band, opened the show with their latest single "Gusto Ko Lamang sa Buhay." around the area were special booths that will raise the hell out of you with girls giving you a massage, treat you like a king, do a lapdance or even a pole dance.

after the party, jori and i went to McDonalds for our evening snack. then Azrael and Ronald found us and we did a little chitchat. but without my knowledge, since there is no TV available at McDonald's, here's what's happening on TV!

thanks to Flow who gave the video. i really didn't expect that my birthday would extend publicity upto the television. sadly, i haven't caught it when it aired.

next morning, though i was still a little sleepy,. i got up to get my itinerary done. i rushed to two radio stations and release the fanboy in my nerves. i first went to Love Radio at the CCP Complex to catch one of my favorite radio shows: the Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura. yeah, i was greeted on radio and had my copies of their albums signed. Nicole Hyala even gave me an experience of being a DJ for a moment. it was fun seeing them live and given the "Happy, happy, happy birth... day!" chant. but as every Tambalan experience, i was being mocked on air in a funny way. she said that my birthday would be corny if i haven't gone through that.

then i dropped by at the RX studios in Ortigas to catch another radio show. DJ Gelli and DJ Jude for The Ride. if i haven't introduced myself from the Manila Atlas event, she wouldn't remember me but she found me very familiar. also finding on location were Chico and Delamar who are hosts of The Morning Rush. also one of my favorite shows every morning.

after my radio station tour, it's time to get to the next part of my birthday tour. after being a fan, it became educational to roam around Marikina and visit exceptional spots that i haven't been before. i went through the Shoe Museum that houses Imelda Marcos's shoes and so with popular personalities. i wasn't able to take pictures inside for it was prohibited. i caught a little trivia that the late President Marcos's shoes were elevated because his wife stands taller than him.

then i went to the Miniature Museum that's takes only a little walk. inside were little artifacts made by Aleli Vengua since 1977. the museum showcases different types of home designs and figures depicting culture.

the entrance at both museums are only Php 50.

lastly, i went to the World of Butterflies also in Marikina. it's time to commune with nature and relieve myself from the stress that i acquired in the morning. i came back to the elementary days that we were studying the metamorphosis of butterflies. the World of Butterflies is caging 8 species for now for they are seasonal.

then i met mama by the block and we went home together. she surprised me that we are going to the Manila Ocean Park. i've always wanted to go there so i was very excited. after getting our stomachs full from the pancit that my brother prepared for my birthday, we freshened up and immediately went to Manila. however, we weren't able to get into the Ocean Park because we were late by almost an hour after the ticket sales closed. so we got home and returned the next day.

by that time, we went earlier to Manila Ocean Park. we really enjoyed walking around and learning more stuff about the marine life.

without any material gifts received for my birthday, i can say that my 25th birthday is the best!


  1. happy birthday, ohmski :) i'm glad that your day was great!

  2. thanks kate. that's the best birthday ever!

  3. nakakalurkey ka talaga! salamat din sa bati sa radio :) mukha ngang nag-enjoy ka naman enjoy your silver year lol.

  4. nicest bday ever? believe me, there's more to come, ohmski ^__^ hatibertday to you --- belong to the *toot* hahaha..

    God bless and thanks for the friendship *skulmeyt* ~_^


  5. @earth: yeah nakakalurkei talaga! hahaha

    @mee-i: anung *toot*? sana nga, sana nga marami pang dumating lalo na ang blessings. :D salamat skulmeyt!


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