November 17, 2012

a testimonial to TADO

doing a favor for a friend, i was starstruck seeing Strangebrew's BrewRat, Arvin Jimenez, in person. fondly called TADO by everyone, the activist, politician, writer, life coach, funny man, radio announcer, TV personality, the person is much down to earth and very accommodating in entertaining his fans and guests.
TADO is a graduate of Psychology in Polytechniic University of the Philippines. the university where i came from. a father of 4, Arvin "TADO" Jimenez is also a businessman and seeing the other side of the person makes him more interesting. his store in Marikina shows the different side of him and it is portrays his deeper, more serious type.

while looking around the store LimiTADO, i can see the Bohemian blood in the person. his love for peace, freedom, diversity and art can be seen all throughout. i got these two items which my friend asked me to have Tado signed into.
each cost Php 150 and if you find Tado in the store, he will be very generous to sign them for you. much to my priority, i forgot to bring the other book he also wrote. but thank you, Tado. the moment is very much treasured.

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