November 2, 2012


it's a pleasure to see a movie which makes a character. just as Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay awards her persona in this film, it also exposes some things that happen in the society as it was manifested in the industry she belongs.
the whole movie is a journey. and she aims to make herself known as an actress and not just a scary women often playing as a witch in horror films. though it was a given fact and she has accepted it, i think she wanted more recognition and acceptance. and everyone is with her in having the attention she needs. from the development and to the people she would like to thank, people will be engaged in filling up the blanks.

and with her life, there is also ups and downs. she has established her image in her showbiz career as a witch, falling as the only peg of scare and has stayed there for a long time. with her efforts and passion for what she's done and been doing, the current generation of film makers has been thinking too commercialized and not putting up the real professional and great talents. but in spite of her seniority in the craft, she still puts on respect on authority in the movie, her director.

her story would define most of the people who are striving for a pat in the back. and this movie is a sure great tribute for her. kudos to the film makers behind this, not just giving Lilia Cuntapay the spotlight but to address many issues.

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