October 31, 2012

007 JAMES BOND SKYFALL movie review

James Bond fans will never get disappointed seeing SKYFALL, the latest installment from the James Bond franchise. as Daniel Craig reprises the role, this movie takes him back to go to basics.
the story starts with a chase as Bond tries to get a drive which contains very important information on national security.
extremely difficult stunts crashing into an entire Istanbul, until they get onto a train where the manual fight is done. i was brought back to Taken 2 where i saw the roof chase. the first half of the movie shows his weaknesses. he'll get shot by another MI6 agent as directive of M (Judy Dench). of course, everything has a reason but it was not expected by the whole MI6 team.

with that escape, M's loyalty to the state would be questionable and has rose suspicions even with 007. and as 007 trusted, he has to track where this will be used and for him to save M from anything that might put her in danger.

as i've said that James Bond goes back to basics, we will not see any highly sophisticated gadgets and weapons. a sexy girl will still be available but it won't be very necessary in the story, though it was a little helpful.

007 SKYFALL which opens today is directed by Sam Mendes under Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Columbia Pictures.

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