October 8, 2012


fishing in the desert might be very impossible for a man. but in the revolutionary vision of a sheikh to bring it to his people, a fisheries expert and a partner consultant has been able to bring dreams into reality. not only of the sheikh's but also for himself.
SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN is based on a novel by Paul Torday and starts as an investigatory project for Harriett (Emily Blunt). finding Dr. Alfred Jones (Ewan McGregor), a fisheries expert, she convinces him to join in the project and instill his expertise on fish in the dry land of Yemen. he was also empowered by the vision of Sheikh Muhammed (Amr Waked) to be able to help the Yemeni to raise their own source of living. during the process of building the project, Dr. Jones and Harriett discovers their common grounds. Alfred however has developed his connection with Harriett, thus forgetting his ties with a wife. when Harriett went into great depression, Alfred felt a very deep concern and almost swore to take care of her as they are together.
however that the project comes smoothly into place, resistance from radical Yemeni destroys their brainchild. but the perseverance comes from the sheikh himself and their passion and adrenalin comes again into place to rebuild what they had started -- not just the philanthropic causes but the personal lives of Harriett and Alfred as well.
if you like a very inspirational but not too heavy drama, SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN helps you to find your purpose. but makes you realize that you don't have to do it alone. hanging with to a total stranger but with very open mind, he or she makes you realize what you are capable of.

more than the three main characters, i even loved Patricia Maxwell (Kristin Scott Thomas) who was able to wind around the business of politics and media. much like as Glee's Sue Sylvester, she has this very strong character and able to manipulate the people around her but she has her own weaknesses. she's just good in hiding it in a bitchy way which makes it more fun.

it was also very educational if you're a fan of fishing. it was pretty obvious that the writer himself fishes in his spare time puts his tutorials into this novel.

opening October 10 2012, exclusively in Ayala Cinemas (Greenbelt, Trinoma, Glorietta), SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN is directed by Lasse Hallstrom under Lionsgate Pictures.

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