October 11, 2012

ARGO movie review

imagine you're trapped in a foreign land and there's little chance of escape. the most creative thing to rescue people from a land in dispute with your own country is taken in Warner Brother's ARGO starred and directed by Ben Affleck.
based on true events, ARGO is a rescue mission of 6 Americans who escaped a hostile takeover by the Iranians in a dispute in the late 1970s. in order to save them, CIA Agent Antonio Mendez plots a very ambitious project which raised the eyebrows of security professionals and unimaginably, the show business industry. but who cares? the agent pushed through with the help of filmmaking icons John Chambers (John Goodman) and Lester Siegel (Alan Arkin), to plot a futuristic and fake movie, Argo.
and the exciting part is how will they execute the plan making almost everyone involved. the tedious work from both parties -- and of course, more in favor of the US interest was peacefully and done in big suspense. the tension and the worry of not getting caught was done in smooth timing. hold on to your seats and cheer in their graceful escape.
i agree that this was the best rescue mission ever in history. and how it was done on film, makes adrenalin rise on getting away from danger. Argo is definitely a must-watch for suspense film fans. and Ben Affleck really does know how to choose his movies. congrats to him.

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