December 14, 2011

AMBIENT DIGITAL launched in the Philippines

a group of dynamic and young individuals merge together combining their expertise in advertising, digital marketing and media buying forming the new company, Space Digital Media, Inc. and they offer one of their services which is an ad network called Ambient Digital.

Ambient Digital is a new way to earn via online platform that can help online advertisers improve their business and the publisher as well. it is the leading digital ad network in Vietnam and now we're lucky to have it in the Philippines.

the professional team of Space Digital Media, Inc. would be very welcome to assist you with concerns on digital advertising. the relevant media will be chosen very strategically to get what the client deserves.

the technology is that they use a widget embeddable in your layouts. once a campaign is launched, the widget can be minimized or play repeatedly. you can view the demonstration in this link.

being signed up in the publisher program, i have already experienced how an ad works in my 2 sites:
so if you're an advertiser who wants to maximize your media exposure, you can contact Space Digital Media at Tel :` +632-8468824. in Vietnam, there's a recorded increase in publishers and advertisers revenue when they went for Ambient Digital.

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  1. where to register po?? as a publisher


  2. where should I signup as apublisher. im interested to display their ads

  3. where to sign up and how to verify?

  4. Sorry to inform you guys, but ambient media as of now, only send invites to premium websites. I have recently contacted by them.I met with one of their rep, i have signed a contract with's my site URL for you to see their ads ,

  5. How much is the minimum cashout?

  6. Paanu ka nakasali dito? pumunta ka poba sa Office nila? gusto din kasi sumali dito eh.

  7. thanks for this post i also been approve by ambient, the website of ambient in PH is not yet furnish, but they started to operate. BTW is it allow to show their demo? i want to make a review but doubting if i can send the demo ads they sent me.
    my blog is theblogger911 with the three other of my blogs has been approved.


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