December 14, 2011


Tom Cruise, now with only a limited number of team of the IMF, seeks to protect a nation from a destruction caused by nuclear warfare in the fourth installment of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL. it will be screens in the Philippines starting December 15 2011 and also available in IMAX format.
before anything happened, the Kremlin in Moscow was bombed down and all was blamed to the IMF in which the agents are connected. and this is the mission that Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has to solve.

Mission Impossible trademark activities are still present in this movie. wall climbing, and now at the famous Dubai tower; first-class disguise using rubberized masks; never-before-seen gadgets and other incredible things in the movie. but the most exciting part for me is how he climbed the building in Dubai.

the film is highly-technical and they use terms suited for an agent. it can be understood as simple terms but if you are fans of detective movies or series, you can easily adapt to it. what i also like about MI4 is that each story is independent of the other. each of the cast has his/her limelight to project so you'll get a glimpse of who does things.
lucky for the Filipinos who will be able to see the movie 1 week before it's US release. catch it December 15 in your favorite theaters.

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  1. nice movie except for some parts which were a bit dragging.


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