June 2, 2011

XMEN FIRST CLASS movie review

20th Century Fox and Marvel unfolds the story behind the mutant group that is either our friends or enemies. X-Men First Class shows the beginnings of the league started by Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) which opens today, June 2 in Philippine theaters and June 3 internationally.

in time of war, the mutants are already upon us and Charles Xavier devoted his time researching for the cause and how it can be utilized in every day life. unfortunately, military tactical groups have seen this opportunity to utilize mutants for warfare. and on the other side of the story, bad mutants like Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), Emma Frost (January Jones) and Riptide (Alex Gonzales) had been scheming with the other military team for business purposes and domination of the world.

as Xavier discovers the wonders of mutation, Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender), a depressed Polish is in search for the Nazis who killed his parents. he developed his power in anger and rage. they got a chance to meet with Xavier and learned to control his rage along with the other young mutants.

other than all the mutant-powers extravaganza of the story, you may also want to check out the story of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) on how she discovers and uses her powers to capture the hearts of men. on the note that she is in full-blue, the costume is great with scales. her love story with Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) gave as the human characters of mutants in order to understand that they want to live normally as humans do.

set in around 1940-1960's, when the Americans and Russians are racing each other for advancements, the technical sets are noticeable with materials and equipments. even the fashion of the cast blended in.

generally, the movie is good and a must-watch even for non-geeks. the movie generally focused on the storyline other than giving us blasts and violence. this is rather emotional than visual, i think.

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