December 9, 2017

A Christmas Carol 2017

When Globe Live's Joe Caliro mentioned that we should be making a new Christmas tradition, I thought, what else would be greater than all the family gatherings, carollings, parties, etc? I am pretty satisfied with what already is going on with Filipinos -- but then I saw 9 Works Theatrical's A Christmas Carol, now I believe that there should be more ways to celebrate Christmas.

Seeing it in front of the stage, I can clearly see everything that was happening. And I say, there's quite a lot. Note the special effects when Ebenezer Scrooge (Miguel Faustmann) was haunted by ghosts with Jacob Marley, and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come is something that I have never seen in previous production of A Christmas Carol.

From waltzes to tap dances and grand ballets, prepare for the spectacular show especially during the Fezziwig Christmas Ball. The grand party has a lot of surprises. But the whole show is a feast to the eyes and ears. The cast, costumes and everything there is in this production will be a constant reminder of Christmas to everyone.
And what is Christmas without the promise of snow inside the theater? Bring back a child in you and experience snow from the theater. A truly magical experience that will touch families and individuals alike.
Watch A Christmas Carol by 9 Works Theatrical and Globe Live until December 27 at the BGC Amphitheater. Also take the opportunity to help the families of fallen heroes in the Marawi Siege by buying a handmade parol for P200 and hang it on the Christmas tree at the theater. A Christmas Carol is

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