November 22, 2017

Pixar's Coco is a tear-jerker

When you enjoy good graphics mixed with some adventure and good laughs, you always forget that Disney Pixar movies will hit you hard and unexpectedly shed a tear. That's what Coco delivered and I am happy that Pixar is back with its trademark in story telling.
Coco's family-oriented theme is no different from the Filipino culture even it is set in Mexico. Strong family ties, love for one another and sometimes holding grudges that would go as far as death is very much familiar to two countries that patronize telenovelas as past time. But most importantly, the Day of the Dead connects all of us in remembering our ancestors and all the good things they've spent while they were alive.

The story really hit me as I remember my grandmother with Mama Coco. I was really close to her and really felt sad about what happened to her by the end of the movie. But I am also happy that she was able to reunite with her parents in the afterlife. For now, I'm worried where to get my ancestors' photos for the ofrenda so we can remember them every year. But they are in my prayers every day.
Coco is a colorful musical filled with heart and you will definitely remember.

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