September 12, 2015

NOLI at FILI 2000 review

Watch PETA's Noli at Fili Dekada 2000 not just for your academic requirements. It should be deeply understood and examined how it concretely reflects the Philippine society as how it was seen by Dr. Jose Rizal during his time.
In this adaptation of Rizal's great novels, it starts with one issue that is greatly attached to us. Flooding caused by illegal logging which happens to be protected by the government and the church which secures personal interests and profit at the expense of the little people. We are also exposed in the wrong doings of those in the people's levels that resembles corruption on so many levels. I just wish that many would be able to watch this.

I like how they started the play with this relevant issue. Water flows like rain from the ceiling and the actors gave an effective visualization and feels of what's going on in an actual flood tragedy. They kept the sense of Noli and Fili, and the actors Lucho Ayala and Kris Bernal playing Ibarra and Clarissa, not only provided the "celebrity" touch to the production, the roles of Rizal's novels were properly internalized.
Lucho Ayala and Kris Bernal
Then the fights were intense. Gun fires are almost realistic with sparks and sounds from the stage. In a way, the audience were captured from every corner of the theater as the cast comes in and go.

With the good production value invested in this, we hope that we will be able to reflect and think about ourselves especially at these times. Put our conscience to what's right and hopefully that the nation will be great again.

PETA's Noli at Fili 2000 will return this October 10 and 11. For tickets, you may call 725 6244 or +639175765400.

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