March 6, 2012

NOKIA OVI closes on May 30

Nokia Ovi Share -- Nokia users' service to upload videos and photos online will be closing starting May 30. thus, all Ovi users, if you have files stored in your Ovi account, you are requested to download it and put it in another internet folder. that is what i have read in an email i got this morning.

this has been necessary for Nokia because Nokia will be focusing on mobile and location based services. and Ovi will not be a part of this change.

the problem is, i can't even remember what my username and password is. although most of the files are found in my other accounts, i want to revive and keep my Nokia account. this is to have access to other Nokia services in my mobile phone.

right now, i am looking at Nokia Pulse. this is a new feature that found at the Nokia website where Nokia will be able to track your location and even check in with your friends or families. very similar like Foursquare in that sense -- but for Nokia users only. but would this be good? well, you might be very selective of what you will post online. :)

Nokia Pulse website
if you have questions about what Nokia would be doing in the next few months, check and click "Contact Support."

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