March 7, 2012

JOHN CARTER movie review

it may be funny with all the hate for Taylor Kitsch referring to his bad airport experience, this guy has been getting lost. and not just locally, i mean, in intergalactic distances. his movie, John Carter, may be one evidence.
this is based from the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs which Walt Disney has developed into a movie. it's about John Carter who was fugitive in his hometown, Virginia, and accidentally discovered a gateway to another planet.
the said planet is next to the earth known as Mars. but John Carter was told that it was called Barsoom by the locals. here he gets into an epic adventure.

for me, John Carter is a combination of most sci-fi and epic movies. found out resemblances from Star Wars, Xena: The Warrior Princess (Lynn Collins as Princess Dejah Thoris), Independence Day, etc. but i must say that these movie elements weave a good story in John Carter. adventure and action is the main genre of the film and it didn't really focus on the love element but it's something to watch out for, hopefully a sequel is on its way.

CGI effects, puppets and even machines are way too advanced at least for the time of the earth set (1800's) but i'm just not really convinced on the continuity how John Carter was able manage all of his adventures. i guess some scenes are still needed to give background to the character.

Lynn Collins (Princess Dejah Thoris) and Taylor Kitsch (John Carter)
John Carter opens Friday, March 9 in the Philippines.

Photo Credits: Walt Disney Studios

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