March 1, 2012

SAM CONCEPCION and NEIL COLETA team up for upcoming movie

i feel so lucky to have an upclose interview with Sam Concepcion and Neil Coleta, two stars from ABS-CBN. the two are on their shoot of an upcoming movie, I Do Bidoo, Bidoo that is targeted to premiere in theaters on the third quarter of 2012.

Sam Concepcion and Neil Coleta
Sam Concepcion is Rock Polotan. raised from the not-so-rich family under Eugene Domingo and Ogie Alcasid. musicality and hardwork is in the genes of the family. however, being the first child of the couple, he accidentally trips down to Tracy Fuentebella (Tippy Dos Santos) whom he got pregnant.

Neil Coleta is Brent, Rock's best friend who stands by him all the time. we didn't have much information on the character but Neil is pretty thankful that he was chosen to be part of the film. known from his stints starting with an iced tea commercial, blessings keep coming in through movies, TV series and the like.
I Do Bidoo, Bidoo is a comedy-musical-drama going around two families: the humble Polotans and the rich Fuentebellas taking care of the struggles of a young nurse, Rocky and his pregnant girlfriend, Tracy. the movie also features songs from OPM legends, the APO Hiking Society weaved in the storyline.

Sam Concepcion is really excited teaming up with Tippy Dos Santos. they are known paired as Peter Pan and Wendy in Repertory Philippines' version of Peter Pan. they have done other projects together but this would be a major one. impregnating a girl in a movie is a new role for Sam. but he takes this as another step in his career and at least he gets versed in different roles. he is willing to get into mature roles but in a wholesome mode. he is also looking forward to working with his brothers, Red and Kevin Concepcion who mostly gets projects in the theater scene.

we also got to see the set of the Polotan residence in Quezon City. characters of the Polotan is noticeable in the house's colorful accentuations and design. Digo Nicio, the production designer, wanted to create pattern over pattern in the walls of the house. twisted 80's design in the realm when APO's songs soared the hit waves. the set is typically Filipino until i saw Rock's room.
jeepney signboards and posters of musicians cover the walls as a regular teenager would do it.

catch more updates about I Do Bidoo, Bidoo, the new movie by Unitel Productions. written and directed by Chris Martinez.

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