June 6, 2010

THE KARATE KID movie review

know something about China in THE KARATE KID. the nature and the culture clashed with Dre Parker's life. getting in the zone with hip hop Dre made him struggle to find friends. easiest was to get an enemy named Cheng whom he discovered is a black belter in a martial arts school that teaches no mercy to its students. Dre got his time beaten up and saved by an unlikely person in the neighborhood -- the maintainance man, Mr. Han. Mr. Han tried to make peace with the adviser of Cheng. but otherwise, they were challenged by joining in a tournament.

with some help from Mr. Han, Dre trained himself in the art of Kung Fu. and Mr. Han didn't teach him to beat others but to regain honor for his name. pissed off in the training process but Mr. Han saw Dre's dedication. and during the tournament, Dre found himself in a winning surprise.
photos courtesy of Columbia Pictures

i like this movie better than the original one. Jaden got his humor from his dad, Will. you will be awed by China's great surroundings. you can also learn a lot from Jackie Chan's teachings in Kung Fu. and the techniques Jaden used were awesome during the tournament. compared to the original Karate Kid, getting Jaden in the cast gets exciting and powerful. i hope there will be a part 2 and even a third one.

THE KARATE KID will throw kicks and punches in the Philippines starting Friday, June 11th 2010, by Columbia Pictures.

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