May 8, 2017

may we be blessed (again) with GODSPELL

I was not able to see the first run of MusicArtes' GODSPELL but I am delighted to see it last Saturday on its opening night. I thought it's a bit late for the Lenten season but I realized that revisiting the Gospel should keep us reminded about the Christian spirituality. I felt sorry for myself for ignoring this production before but thankful for having the opportunity to watch it.
The cast comprised of Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, Jef Flores, Myke Salomon, Lorenz Martinez, Caisa Borromeo, Poppert Bernadas, Topper Fabregas, Abi Sulit, Maronne Cruz, Gab Pangilinan and Rhenwyn Gabalonzo may come from different theater companies but you see the professionalism and great talent tear down boundaries -- Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

The whole production preaches in many levels: the setting opens up our minds that God blesses the poor and humble (Beatitudes); the execution of the parables are very creative and interactive. You'll find Jesus Christ amusing, aside that Jef Flores can do it like no one can.

It gives the perspective that the Bible is still relevant from the Beginning until now. Issues that are happening in our lifetime is addressed and Godspell help us think of what we can do. This is a very very good reflective theater production, not just locally, but universally.

Godspell plays on the following dates and times. Bring everyone you love, even your enemies.
May 6 8:00 pm
May 7 3:00 pm
May 12 8:00 pm
May 13 8:00 pm
May 14 3:00 pm
May 19 8:00 pm
May 20 8:00 pm
May 21 3:00 pm
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