November 4, 2015


Do you remember how things went when you are younger? When you just lay down on your bed and procrastinating instead of being productive, reflects how the new play THIS IS OUR YOUTH by Red Turnip Theater mirrors the young culture with drugs, sex and even the young life as portrayed by Jef Flores, Nicco Manalo and Cindy Lopez. As the three have justified the characters made by Kenneth Lonergan, the message is really appropriate to share with the youth today.
Having it staged at the A Space_Gallery in Makati, it was another unusual experience to really see it on the eye-level with the actors. The room is already the stage so you can sit comfortably on the bean bags casually and just watch like you're inside your own room. This is very new for me and different and I really got to enjoy it. If you can lie down and hug a bean bag, I could have done it myself. The technicals are really setting the mood for the actors and the audience as well. Lighting is successful to show daytime and nighttime to the set amazingly.

As for the actors, the three are perfectly cast. You'll be amazed with Nicco Manalo and Jef Flores flawlessly deliver their lines despite there's no technical enhancement due to the small stage space. Their comedic timings are like watching a memorable episode of FRIENDS and the good vibes are at it. Cindy is a perfect partner for Nicco but I think she could improve and relax with her scenes with him. But they really do work out on stage.
Nicco Manalo and Jef Flores
Nicco Manalo and Cindy Lopez
THIS IS OUR YOUTH  shows at A Space_Gallery for a limited run this November 6, 7, 8, 20, 21 and 22. Tickets are available at, or call 891-9999.

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