March 23, 2016

BATMAN V SUPERMAN movie review

Good thing that I didn't expect too much from the latest WB/DC flick Batman V Superman since I have mixed reactions from the last Superman movie. Watching it last night first with the rest of the people in IMAX 3D theater was a superb experience because it surpassed all my expectations. Here's my review. Can't rate it from a scale of 10, but I can definitely say that it was very, very good and very, very entertaining.
I liked how they have connected the flick from Man of Steel as you will understand why there's such a war between Batman and Superman. The plot is somehow predictable but it turns into an intellectual discourse that the dark story of this movie makes it even cooler. In short, the screenplay and script is very well thought of and even non-geeks can relate to it.
There is a balance of feels for all the characters, Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and even Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Don't be biased so that you can love or hate their characters. This goes back to the last paragraph that the story and script is very nice. Lex Luthor, is also a likeable character here. Jesse Eisenberg delivered another attack on his role as Superman's super villain. Lois Lane had made herself somehow useful today. Not just a damsel in distress but made herself kind of a hero.
Props, costumes and of course, the Batmobile are just some of the awesome things that are happening in the film that shouldn't be left behind.

I again loved the speed and CGI of BvS especially when the three were already fighting on Doomsday. Matching with the powerful theme song that played in the background, BvS action is hard to defeat. Still you can set aside Batman's mortal being from the two Mega Humans, but still the teamwork is amazing.
BvS had my eyes glued to it and now I am looking forward for the next movie since I've already seen Easter Eggs this early. Opening Black Saturday, March 26. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines.

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