October 7, 2009

Flow dances the stage

thanks to Audrey and Monique for bringing me and 3 friends at a run of Flow -- a dance extravaganza with world-class acrobatics all in one stage of the PAGCOR theater. this replaces Wanders which is equally great. they invited us to somehow move on from the traumatic experience with the recent storms and i am really thankful
to them.

this has started on March 2009 and showcases different dance routines: from tribal, ballet, jazz, hiphop, ballroom with matching fabulous costumes and great music directed by Mel Villena. the songs were sang by great artists like OJ Mariano, Carla Guevarra and Pinky Marquez. Maneuvers, Whiplash and Hotlegs also took part in the production with great dance moves and stunts.

i really enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed Wanders. entertainment and breath-taking stunts from the acrobats will only put out one word in your mouth: WOW!


  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed the show :D Until next time ulit hehehe..

  2. @Lagawan: shempre naman. gusto ko tlaga mga ganyan. thanks ha. >:D<


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