October 12, 2009

Ohmski day at the slums

i had the chance to experience and take some views in life of the people from the slums. when i was called by campaigns pr and asked if i want to take part in this activity, i wasn't hesitant to join and i was even excited to see the situation. the scene that i see in the movies, came to reality. i never felt scared nor even off-guard for i gained trust these people. but generally, i felt pity for them.

we have travelled the area of Navotas and found the poorest of the poor. the people which are dwelling under the bridge and even the tunnel. unimaginable it may seem, but we still have people living in that situation.

we first went to the people under the bridge. around 70 families live in a community made out of wooden planks and boards. they have electricity in which we don't know how they are supplied and clean water was taken from a deep well source nearby. but unfortunately, they have no land title and garbage swims underneath their houses. maybe if you would try to walk on it, you can. since they are living under the bridge, you can feel the tremors from the vehicles travelling above them.

first we interviewed Nanay Inday Nolla, we learned that they have been staying there for almost a decade. poverty has made them to put themselves into that situation and sometimes they cant do anything to get out. they endure and they have been used to it. their survival has been dependent on little income or sometimes none. little by little, they manage to send one or sometimes two of their children to school. if the circumstances have been to tight, they put themselves to sleep as if nothing happened.

they complain on government. they have been tired of being utilized in rallies, being the last priority and always having the last few pieces of relief. their rights have been taken off from them but they are used to take the opposition's stands. but what can they do? they can only see it as extra income for survival. they don't experience special occasions, holidays or anything festive because most of the times, they live or spent a day for a budget less than a dollar. for most who live the privileged life, it doesn't cost a thing. but that amount has to feed a family with a minimum of 5 children on the average. sometimes there's the extended family.

and that's what we saw also from the family living inside a tunnel. enduring the cold nights in concrete walls, most of the time living with roaches and rats. without clean water, neither clothes. sadly, sickness has stricken one of Mang Jo's kids. we have learn from the father of the family that there should have been 6 kids but one died because of diarrhea. and Mang Jo only gets his income from collecting and selling old bottles as he travels around with only a cart. as most of them, just taking the nap to escape from hunger.

despite all this problems, each of their kids has managed to cope up with a normal kid's life. they are able to play, go to school especially Nanay Inday's and Nanay Delma Melado's children. they attend Sunday school which, in a very positive way, learn some gifts from the Bible and cathechism. Totoy for example, Nanay Inday's son, learned to be positive in life with praising the Lord.

this dreadful situation has left me thinking. i have been way too far privileged from these people and i complain big time! i have been able to study, get a decent job, and enjoy other luxury but these people almost had nothing.

we all have to address these problems the right way. personally i want to help them as much as i can. if only those who are more privileged than i am are aware of the situation, please help them put themselves up from poverty with the rights that they have been deprived.

but this doesn't work one way. my advise to these people that there's a way to everything. one thing that i discovered that they almost had livelihood. export quality goods have been made but their enemy is being idle. let's get industrious and you'll be able to reach everything.

for the government, give priority to these people. don't use them for your personal gain. prove us wrong on our impression towards you. keep your promises for everyone. make and implement laws properly.

to monitor all these problems, the United Nations has developed a program with 8 points to consider to address these problems. but on our current state, we only have achieved 4 of it. and we are trying to target 7 of the goals by 2015. in order to achieve these goals, let us start in ourselves by gonging on the government's heads reminding them that we are inside a program that really should be addressed. then our government will be demanded on the special actions and priority towards these problems caused by poverty. i hope that we all take part in this. you don't want to get poor right?

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