October 16, 2009

let's run for Pasig River!

being an environment lover myself, i really haven't done any, honestly, for the planet. i have been a contributor to the smoke emissions by riding the PUVs, haven't been a responsible citizen by throwing small pieces of trash anywhere. but then, with the effects of global warming and other calamities done by nature, i have now myself been aware of the consequences of not being concerned to mother nature. i have witnessed firsthand the effects on Ondoy and now i'm scared of any storm that may come to our nation.

but then again, there are big efforts to continue our fight towards a better environment and it focuses on a very prominent Manila natural landmark, the Pasig River. the Pasig River has been declared dead by people after it has been a big garbage dump of course, caused by man. and during the administration of Fidel V. Ramos, the first lady, Ming Ramos has developed the Piso Para sa Pasig program aimed to restore the wonder that has been, Pasig River. and the efforts continue to restore the river for use of future generations.

on Sunday, November 8 2009, a run-for-a-cause has been developed aiming to protect the Pasig River. not only will it help the Pasig River, you can have a cardio exercise and having fun.

we hope that a lot will participate to restore give life again to the river. so that marine life will return, everybody can again breath the fresh air of Pasig River.

this is a fund-raising project so if you want to take part with it, click on the Facebook event page of Pasig River Marathon.

there are discussions over the web on how we can take part other than this marathon. a person once asked: What can college students do to help Pasig River? i commented that everybody can join and participate with the programs regarding saving protecting the Pasig River. but a very simple act like not throwing wastes on the river would be a great help.

we are crying out loud. Save the Pasig River, sign up and run!


  1. Interesting program....
    I hope it will be success....

    Can we get to X-link,friend...?


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