October 4, 2009

Eastwood City's annual Pet Blessing

it is always celebrated on October the feastday of St. Francis of Assisi. he is known to be the lover of all creation, champion of justice, and patron saint of animals and the environment. and Eastwood City has dedicated to extend the love for the environment and animals with the annual Pet Blessing for our furry friends.

too bad i wasn't able to bring my loyal pet dog, Lebron at the ceremony but i was able to take his picture there. furry and cute dogs have crowded at the Eastwood Mall open park and attended the mass celebrated by the priests also by the same order of St. Francis. even some of the dogs have cute clothes.

my pet Lebron

the mass was followed by a short program with The Company and UP Madrigal Singer Alumni. a pet bazaar also happens at the Eastwood Central Park. luckily, i have brought home some goodies for my pet courtesy of Nature's Plan and Pet One.

i was able to interview professional photographer Jay Javier who owns Hari, a Siamese cat. he named it as so because it means King of the Tigers from the Thai dialect. (correct me if i'm wrong) as we have all known, cats hate water. but Jay has trained Hari to take a bath. and now he is accustomed to do it twice or thrice a week. Hari has really good and soft fur. and for Jay, he likes to own cats than dogs because they are so much tamed unlike dogs who wag their tails and always try to get much attention from their humans.

this is Hari

other photos can be found here


  1. wish we could have same event here in Olongapo City. I want my pets to be blessed too!

    hhmmm...let me ask our pastor if he could..hihihi!!!

  2. that would be a great idea SgtMack. :)


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