August 10, 2023

tick... tick... BOOM! Time is not running out for everyone.

Live theater is back for 9 Works Theatrical. Maybe the most recent company to open its doors to the audience with their restaging of one of Jonathan Larson's notable musicals, tick... tick... BOOM! This expresses that there will be a right time for all things. And the timing for staging this is well-executed.
tick... tick... BOOM! is about a struggling artist who feels the pressure of success in a target time, the case of which is before the age of 30. Led by Jef Flores, with Reb Atadero and Tanya Manalang, alternating with Khalil Ramos, Vien King and Kayla Rivera, this musical hits to the core of everyone who undergoes existential crisis and overthinking the goals that surround us.

Jon (Flores/Ramos) is like many of us. He has the ideals, passion but punched by reality in the face. I sometimes associate him to Christian of Moulin Rouge who believes that everything has its order but dwells in the reality that we are starting penniless and need to work hard.

But on the bright side, we are lucky to be given with a handful of people who can support us. Reb and Tanya, playing Mike and Susan, could be your household companions. It seems that Jonathan Larson was very lucky to have these two in his life. He was not even harshly confronted of taking too long to push a career but instead they supported his dreams. 
The three, collectively, has to be given credit for exemplary performance in their roles. They have formed a great ensemble with just 3 cast members. The stage also has a notable moment that drew the audience into a great impact which understands our feelings and in a comforting way. A special applause for director Robbie Guevara for a fun treatment on this production. It was clearly different in Netflix's version which stars Andrew Garfield, but that is for another commentary. 

9 Works' comeback production of tick... tick... BOOM! runs until August 27, 2023 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium. The cast are shuffled every show so you can watch different takes on the roles. For tickets, you may visit

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