August 24, 2023

LG Makes the Best Even Better With the Multi V i

Commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems play a vital role in ensuring comfortable and productive environments for businesses and their occupants. These systems are essential not only for maintaining optimal temperatures but also for regulating indoor air quality and humidity levels. However, as technology advances and energy efficiency and carbon footprints become a growing concern, there is a constant need to innovate and push better solutions. Innovation allows for the development of smarter, more sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that can significantly reduce a building's environmental footprint while enhancing occupant comfort. By continually pushing the boundaries of HVAC technology, businesses can not only improve their bottom line but also contribute to a greener and healthier future for everyone.
LG, one of the global leaders in technology, has been hard at work to provide just exactly that. LG’s Multi V is a multi-awarded HVAC integrated solution that combines advanced technologies for high rise buildings. It has been a fixture in the industry for years. It used to offer the world’s best class energy efficiency with innovative technologies, from EER, COP, to seasonal efficiency. However, there is the ever-pressing need to always offer something better, which LG provides in the Multi V i.

The LG Multi V i picks up where the Multi V left off, building on the strengths of the latter while also focusing on areas for improvement. The Multi V i aims to be the single-handed solution for varied applications under various environments that lets you control heating, ventilation, and hot water at once via smooth connectivity with indoor units.
Compared to its predecessor, the Multi Vi offers significantly better energy consumption on an annual basis. Across the board, it provides superior rated power input, rated EER, rated COP, and sound pressure level than the Multi V 5. It’s t-CO2 equivalent is also smaller which means greenhouse gas emissions are also smaller, helping your business leave a better carbon footprint. The Multi V i also harnesses the power of AI through intelligent energy management, utilizing data on user-behavior patterns and automatically sensing temperature, people, season, and humidity levels to create an optimal indoor environment while decreasing energy usage.

LG’s Multi V i represents a huge step in the right direction. It builds upon the strengths of the Multi V, a legend in its own right, and improves it to better reflect the needs of modern times. For more information about the LG Multi V i, visit MULTI V i - VRF System - HVAC | Business | LG Philippines

LG air conditioning provides optimized solutions for every sector and climate with a wide range of cutting-edge systems that bring exceptional heating, ventilation and air conditioning performance to buildings worldwide. Through unmatched expertise and industry knowledge, LG responds directly to the needs of businesses seeking digitalized and eco-conscious HVAC solutions. LG is the partner your business has been looking for, and is well prepared to integrate our leading technology into day-to-day operations, supporting you and your business every step of the way. For more information, visit @LGAirSolutionsPH and @LGPhilippines on Facebook and @lgphilippines on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok for more HVAC offers and stories.

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