March 25, 2023

Kung Paano Nanalo sa Karera si Rosang Taba - review

With the lengthy title, who would not get curious? Kung Paano Nanalo sa Karera si Rosang Taba is actually a children's short story by Dean Francis Alfar adapted to a stage play that gives great impact. Aside from the suggestion that it makes fun of curvy individuals, it discusses beautifully layers of liberty, family relations and teaches lessons that open minds in an entertaining and pedagogic way.
Starting in a setting in a bar accompanied by catchy singing and music, the play was able to gather the attention of the audience by participating to the intros. Then the cast appear one by one and told their roles in the story so that everyone can follow.

Then it starts the main story, transporting the stage into colonial setting. The characters were divided into Hispanics and natives, wherein social injustice is being exposed. Our heroine Rosa, knows to fight back and betting on all odds, she challenged a wealthy and powerful Pietrado in a race. Then a layer of discrimination and body shaming adds to the issues that were already present. The post-show call back surprisingly revealed more than just the colonialism and fat shaming were tapped in the story. The short story has been put into greater heights and digs deeper with the lessons it entail.
Rody Vera (playwright), Kiki Baento (Rosang Taba) and Maynard Manansala (playwright) 
Two years in the pandemic has evolved the original plans of production to what it is today. The creative team has put together great ideas other than injecting comic factors that will surely be appreciated by audience from all ages. The stage, the script, and cast are seamless overall that it makes it a feast for the eyes and soul. My words would not be enough to say that it is perfect to watch and to repeat.

Kung Paano Nanalo sa Karera si Rosang Taba runs until April 2, 2023 at the UP Main Theater in UP Diliman. For tickets, you may buy from
The book How Rosang Taba Won the Race by Dean Francis Alfar, is also available at the foyer, distributed by Lampara Books.

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