November 17, 2019

LAST CHRISTMAS movie review

Written by Emma Thompson and directed by Paul Feig, Last Christmas gives a positive vibe on George Michael's song with the same title featuring Emilia Clarke (Kate) and Henry Golding (Tom).
After a series of unfortunate events in Kate's life working as an elf in a Christmas store, Kate meets Tom that gives a turn on events that seems too good to be true. I think a lot of people did not notice "Tom and Kate" tandem in this one but well-played, Emma.
Henry Golding (Tom) and Emilia Clarke (Kate) in Last Christmas
Aside from the songs of George Michael, you would not expect the twist that really has a "heart" in it. Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are okay but you'll love Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson more. Especially when you see Michelle Yeoh play a different character from the serious ones she had in Crouching Tiger and Crazy Rich Asian. (This makes a reunion for Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh from the successful CRA movie)

Michelle Yeoh

Emma Thompson and Emilia Clarke

For George Michael fans, you'll be served with many hits like, of course, Last Christmas, Freedom and more. I think that his songs fit well in the soundtrack of this film.

There are also many types of love covered in this movie. Last Christmas reminds us that there are no boundaries and labels when it comes to love and kindness and it doesn't also limits us to share goodwill in this time of the year.

#LastChristmas opens November 27 in the Philippines. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.

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