December 3, 2019

THE GOOD LIAR movie review

What started from a good relationship turns out to be a well-crafted swindling act in The Good Liar. Two amazing actors, Ian McKellen plays as Roy Courtnay and Helen Mirren as Betty McLeish begin as two lovable characters and their true selves reveal as the story unfolds.
Both started to be very lovable but when Roy shifts as a conman dealing with millions of money, you'll hate him very much and feel bad about Betty. His antics are very well planned and he can get away with it flawlessly.
Ian McKellen as Roy Courtnay
Meanwhile Helen Mirren gets to have your affection effectively and she'll draw you to be concerned of her character, Betty.
Helen Mirren as Betty McLeish
As the story goes along, the scenes are becoming predictable but exciting with hidden twists. You cannot really much distinguish which character is telling the truth as the title suggests. A good eye and playful mind will applaud this wonderfully written screenplay about truth and deception.

The Good Liar is now showing in the Philippines, distributed by Warner Bros. Philippines.

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