November 17, 2019

THE TWO POPES movie review

Habemus Papam! A phrase that keep the Catholic Church rejoicing for centuries and continuing the faith in the Doctne. Fortunately, Netflix made an extraordinary movie that talks about the relationship of the two leaders of the Church in our time. Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce play Popes Benedict XVI and Francis in The Two Popes that will start streaming in Netflix on December 20.
When I saw the trailer, I noticed that they resemble pretty much of the two popes. And what's more interesting is that we had a deeper look into controversial events that involved Ratzinger and Bergoglio.

The Two Popes gives us a peek of the conclave as we've never seen it before. The selection process involved politics and more importantly, the virtues of Christianity has been looked in scrutiny. At least, for me I can say that we have a great pope in Pope Francis right now who ushers in modernization and reform in the Catholic Church with his ideals.
Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Bergoglio in conclave (The Two Popes)
This also reminds us that they are not divine and they've shown their pure human and funny sides. Being a pope has given them so much pressure to preserve the faith of 1 billion Catholics around the world and that we should also continue to pray for them to have the wisdom and faith to lead us to holiness.
Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins as Cardinal Bergoglio and Pope Benedict XVI in the summer residence (The Two Popes)
The exchange of dialogue between the two moves me and it preaches to you to be spread kindness. One line is so powerful, "Mercy is a dynamite that destroys walls." To give you the full context of this statement, you need to watch the whole conversation that is written very beautifully. The Two Popes contains great lines from two great actors about the great relationship of two great persons.
The Two Popes will be streaming exclusively on Netflix starting December 20.

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