January 26, 2019


From Reine Productions and Repertory Philippines, based on the story of a lady that followed the stars and made a great discovery about patterns that has changed the course of astronomical history and studies. Silent Sky has led Henrietta Leavitt (Cathy Azanza-Dy) to a breakthrough, though she left everything that made her -- family, and even raising a family of her own -- to pursue her dream.
In Silent Sky, we can learn how women were almost deprived of their abilities and left domesticated as what happened to Margaret Leavitt (Caisa Borromeo). How their rights were stooped down by the men and to do the hard work which pushed them to do greater things.

In a way, Silent Sky has this approach of making a totally nerdy play into something enjoyable and funny. Like the Big Bang Theory but tables have turned and there are more female than male cast (Topper Fabregas). There were also some cheesy line exchanges from Peter Shaw and Henrietta that will take your emotions above the moon and stars. The rise and fall of emotions will take the audience to an emotional whirlwind that are exciting. There is one great line between Shaw and Henri that will swoon us "...we're far, but not apart."

Adding to the great casting of Azanza-Dy, Borromeo and Fabregas are Ms Bibeth Orteza (as Annie Cannon) and Naths Everett (as Williamina Fleming) that can actually steal the show with their antics and presence. Ms Bibeth has this domineering but powerful dialogues that you will agree with and Naths performed a natural Scottish astronomer that also fueled Ms Bibeth's teases to Henri and Peter Shaw.

The production design that depicts the cosmos, the laboratory and the costumes that define the period are well executed that it didn't have to work on special effects made it extraordinary.
Silent Sky runs for 2 weekends only, starting from Feb 1-3 and Feb 8-10 at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

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