July 20, 2017

CARS 3 movie review

Would it be the end of Lightning McQueen? No. It will just be another chapter in the life of our favorite racer from Radiator Springs, but what would happen when there is a new breed of racers more advanced than our Lightning McQueen himself? He cannot rely on his speed that much and should keep up with the advancing technology in Cars 3. The sequel plays in cinemas starting July 26.
In this sequel of Cars, Lightning McQueen slowly gets to the back of the game as rookies step up with new technology and advancements. Competitors especially Jackson Storm keeps him the trail dirt until McQueen pushed himself to hard resulting to a hard accident. His sponsors also start to come off leaving him to loyal Radiator Spring squad and Rusteez. Everything else fails that he has to give in with the advancements and play like how the rookies do it. But when he realizes that he cannot catch up, he is on with the least thing he can think of, to retire.

A personal trainer comes for help to bring back McQueen and will this partner be the solution to take him back in the game? Cruz Ramirez and Lightning McQueen go to an adrenalin adventure that they'll never forget.
The crew of Radiator Springs is back. Mater and the gang are still loyal supporters of Lightning McQueen. However, the story didn't much connect with me as I think they only made the movie to maintain the franchise. When they say that the Pizza Van is in every Pixar movie, I failed to find it. Can you find it for me?

Cars 3 opens July 26 in theaters nationwide. A special treat for Cars fans by Disney Pixar is they are bringing a life-sized Lightning McQueen around Manila. Racer Matteo Guidicelli graces the unveiling of Lightning McQueen.
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