July 19, 2017

DUNKIRK movie review

You may just shrug off historical accounts during the War but when you see emotions and events unfold from the eyes of the veterans, you will be immersed in the situation as what Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk has revealed to us. Dunkirk is indeed a masterpiece that will tell you most of the story by our veterans during the war.
The small dialogue text is supplemented by strongest human reactions to every situation that makes Dunkirk one of the best war movies this year. Via air or land, you will see how intense the action was in every scene. It's an intense story of survival when you're almost helpless; a roller coaster for lead Fionn Whitehead's character which has been very difficult alike to everybody else on land and sea. Tom Hardy's aerial fight was breathtaking like a Top Gun stunt. It would have been cool to have this shown in 4D entertainment.
The movie is great to be seen on IMAX for a better immersive experience.
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