May 4, 2017

Teatro Tomasino's KAPITAN SINO

Adapting one of Bob Ong's best selling novel, Teatro Tomasino brings to life the character of Rogelio who gets to become Brgy. Pelaez's unknown superhero because of his electrical abilities and being a community vigilante. This is also John Lapus' return to theater in his home university at University of Santo Tomas. The play runs from May 3 to 6 at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium.
I was seated at the second row from the elevated stage. I'm not really used to looking up the actors from other theaters, but where I sit is already a good view of Brgy. Pelaez. Typical barrio set up is already in place: houses standing side by side and the community includes gamblers, bystanders, chismosas, and children running around.

The play starts with Rogelio (Jason Morco) trying to explore and control his power on electrical appliances starts the comic sequence which was made funnier by his sidekick Bokbok (Kim Fababair), alongside with his crush Tessa (Leah Zamoras). Barrio happenings and our hero's adventures and romance transpire, the story of Kapitan Sino is a very common plot with a different twist.
Tessa, Rogelio and Bokbok (c) Teatro Pinas
I am pleased that I was seated at the second row as I was not prepared for the technical difficulties which happened that night. I applaud the actors for trying to modulate their voice for everyone to hear. Mang Ernesto, played by James Vic Allen Pangan, and John Lapuz both acted so well as siblings. The others need to improve their voices as they all sound monotonous -- especially the reporter who could just only deliver a few lines didn't sound engaging.
James Vic Allen Pangan and John Lapuz as Mang Ernesto and Mayor Suico (c) Teatro Pinas
It was slow-paced, and there are some scenes that could have been omitted from the play so you wouldn't get to spend more than 2 hours in the auditorium. The use of an LED screen could have saved the production from special effects, but implying house fire with a smoke machine could have done the trick. Technicals can further be improved and I could wait for another run for this.

Kapitan Sino runs until May 6, with shows 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm at Albertus Magnus auditorium, UST, Manila. Directed by Franny Omampo.

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