February 24, 2016

RISEN movie review

The day of the Resurrection has been retold many many times unlike this new faith-flick Risen which features Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton and directed by Kevin Reynolds. Though it is a film about Christ, this movie felt right for the evangelization according to another perspective, the experience of a non-believer, and how he first-handedly saw the truth in the faith.
For the first time, it has written like this. Kevin Reynolds did a great job in coming up with a story that will keep faith burning in the current time. It encompasses a new dimension in the Christian faith and finds me thinking more about what will I be missing in my own character. The movie is written in English so you won't have to struggle like how we did in Mel Gibson's Passion. And now this is not featuring a lot about saints but the regular person instead -- One who has to do his job flawlessly, much like how us people are right now.

Giving a suspense twist in the pursuit for the disciples, Risen is an exciting movie. And when Clavius (Fiennes) saw Yeshua (Cliff Curtis) himself, we are also moved. That is maybe what we are looking for right these days for us to truly believe. Looking for signs of his existence even when we don't acknowledge his miracles in everyday life. We maybe looking for blessings in material things so with Risen, we must be aware of more important and relevant things to be able to live.

There could only be one booboo that I recognized in the movie. When they reached Galilee, there is not one vessel that they were able to use to fish for food but all of a sudden, there's a boat by the shore. There also had been a small community but the night before, there are nothing. Just something that popped out of nowhere for them to use.

Risen opens on March 2, 2016, still during the Lenten season and will be exclusively shown in SM Cinemas.
RISEN - Official trailer
Another faith-based movie this March. Risen Movie opens in SM Cinemas starting March 2.Distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines. #RisenMoviePH
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