April 29, 2015

GET HARD movie review

No one would ever imagine getting into prison but rich guy stock broker, James King (Will Ferrell), prepares himself with the help of stereotyped-simpleton Darnell (Kevin Hart) in this satirical comedy, GET HARD.

In this movie, James King was sentenced to go to prison after he allegedly stole money from investors for his own favors and he turns into Darnell to guide him and familiarize to what it's like to be in prison -- in which he didn't even really did. The fun goes with the satirical representation of the thugs and the life in prison.

Like any Will Ferrell movies, this movie promises a good laugh. The opening itself already makes you giggle with how he boasts his richness in the household. Adding Kevin Hart to the scene which makes him too good to be a good man trying to be a thug, it livens up situations that they are both pretending to be such people. I think that would be the lesson of the story, to stop pretending and face whatever consequences and utilize whatever you have. But it would be too serious to talk about.

There are lots of things that you cannot "unsee." From violence to naughty stuff that your hands wont be able to cover your eyes. We were literally shouting in the cinema in shock of what we saw. Racial discrimination was concretely discussed and it swifted all over the movie like no big deal. I would call it hilariously racist.

The movie is rated R-16 for violence, nudity, language and other content. But we that were able to see it were happy of the movie and relieved me from stress.

Get Hard is directed by Etan Cohen and distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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