April 13, 2015

Move over Marvel, here's our league!

It's very exciting that we will be adding more to the likes of Darna and Captain Barbell in our league of local superheroes. Thanks to Carlo Vergara and his amazing imagination coming up with ZsaZsa Zaturnnah and her villains from the past musical which also turned into a movie. Two years ago, he introduced us with a new concept that makes us think, "Who cleans up the mess after a big fight?" Yes, that question has been answered with his one-act play, Kung Paano Ako Naging Lady (KPANLL) which was part of the Virgin Labfest.
This year, in collaboration with three other great minds, Tuxqs Rutaquio and Vince De Jesus who both played Ada in ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, and director of Kimmy Dora, Chris Martinez, KPANLL is now a musical! And from May 7 - June 7, I think that this will divert the attention of Manila from the western superheroes to our local production. Thanks to Dalanghita Productions for making this possible. You're already big with their very first musical.

I'm really looking forward to see Bituin Escalante doing the top bill in the cast as Mely, the maid, alternating with Frenchie Dy. Markki Stroem and Hans Eckstein play as Leading Man, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo and Astarte Abraham as Madre De Dios, the leader of Fuerza Filipinas.
Know the other members of the superhero league, Fuerza Filipinas:
Fuerza Filipinas
  • Giannina Ocampo as Nena Babushka
  • Caisa Borromeo as Windang Woman
  • Chesko Rodriguez as Popoy Pusakal
  • Jeff Flores as Bazooka Man
If there's superheroes, there must be trouble, know the trouble makers who have issues with Fuerza Filipinas, calling themselves as Kayumanggilas:
  • Nar Cabico / Domi Espejo as Senyor Blangko
  • Red Nuestro as Marakas Marko
  • Red Concepcion as Itak-Atak
  • Elliot Eustacio as Jeryc Sans Rival
  • Vince Lim / Mikoy Morales as Henyotik
The musical will have wonderful songs, even some of it are "hugot." Go to my Youtube channel to see and hear some songs.

KPANLL will play in the PETA Theater Center. For tickets, please call 0917-706-3533 for inquiries or visit http://tinyurl.com/leadingladytickets

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