October 20, 2014

Tour below Paris in As Above/So Below

Who wants to go to Paris? United International Pictures gives all thrill-seekers perfect to haunt you this Halloween. As Above/So Below is a horror/thriller that even I was spooked just watching the trailer by itself.
The story goes around the tour in the Catacombs beneath the glorious streets of Paris. Little that we know about the dark past of the city in which young thrill-seekers are about to experience in this movie. Taking shots were even creepier with the stories of the 220-feet below the ground of Paris.

Leading the cast is Perdita Weeks whose character is to vindicate his father's beliefs about the Catacombs. Director John Erick Dowdle finds Weeks the perfect person for the role as they see her with depth to carry the character. She plays Scarlett, a British scholar of archaeology and rebellious thrill-seeker who is driven by the death of her father.
This is also Weeks' challenging role as she endures hours of makeup and play in the mud for a good chunk of production. She adds: "This was the most physically challenging role I have ever played: from sprinting with heavy cameras and battery packs on my head, to abseiling and crawling through bone tunnels on hands and bruised knees, all the while head to toe in 'blood' and dirt...it was exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure.”
Perdita Weeks in As Above/So Below will be exclusively shown at Ayala Malls Cinemas starting October 22, 2014.
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