September 17, 2014

RUROUNI KENSHIN The Legend Ends Movie Review

An epic finale in the Rurouni Kenshin Series, The Legend Ends gives everyone a glorious ending for the samurai legend. A sharp and fast execution gave justice and great excitement from Kyoto Inferno.
After the loss of Kenshin in part 2, he finds himself at the custody of his mentor, Seijuro, whom he asked to teach him a new technique. His former master willingly taught him but the lesson was determined by Kenshin's own way. A lesson that he learned that will enable him to beat his arch enemy, Shishio. Across his journey are different dangers and revenge of people whom he cared for and even the government has turned against him, making him a fugitive at the deals with Makoto Shishio. He will be eventually live victorious at the loss of Shishio due to his weird anatomy condition after a sharp and breath-taking fight.
It will be a delight for you to focus your attention throughout the movie. And there are happier things around that like when Kaoru and Kenshin takes a glance of each other, how they get excited at every time their names were mentioned by their friends. I like how Kenshin reacts to it despite his fierce and strong character. Sanosuke is of course a laugh act in the movie, no matter how bloody he gets in every fight, he still continues to punch and kick.

At his villains, the young Sojiro finally gets tired fighting! At last this curious but annoying character has been beaten to death. I'm annoyed at this character but I enjoyed his fight with Kenshin. Aside from Shishio, he gets enough attention to the movie.

One thing I've noticed is that when Kenshin has been stricken with a sword, he still survived up to the beach towards the end. It didn't came realistic at the absence of first aid, etc. So I'm just believing that he survived at Kaoru's presence (mushy!).

Congratulations to Warner Bros. Pictures (Japan) for the epic movie and Warner Bros. Pictures (Philippines) for bringing it in the country. It is one extraordinary experience.

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