September 24, 2014

What's up with Google? Google mo lang.

Found this link via Facebook and I really got interested in this very exciting game. Google actually serves you all its features by using the powerful search engine, Google. It makes you create your own "The Perfect Night" story with the Philippines' most influential online stars, Bogart the Explorer, Mikey Bustos, Spongecola, (I think, a group of guys is Chicser) and Erwan Heusaff.
The page let's you answer the celebs' questions by finding everything in Google. For example, Bogart asks you to give the population of the Philippines in 1990 and the answer is just a click away. As the story goes, you will find the others and they will ask you questions that are answerable by a Google away.
Answer to Bogart's question:

I missed those books that lets you choose alternate sequences and endings. This Google campaign is not only fun but very informative. Kudos.

After you completed all questions, you will receive badges so you can keep playing on it to complete all 8! Plus the phrase "Google mo lang" is very much distinct in their lines and it is very catchy.

Complete the game here:

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