May 7, 2015

PETA announces Francis M musical in 2016

PETA's creative council and director of Rak of Aegis, Maribel Legarda proudly announced another big offering to cap-off their theater season 2015-2016. A musical that is inspired by the songs of late Filipino rapper, Francis Magalona.
No other details were further disclosed but we know that it will surely be a hit. Kaleidoscope World has been an anthem among 90s kids. I wonder if they'll include songs from collaborations like Bagsakan with Gloc-9 and Parokya and more. Francis M is known to be the legend of Pinoy Rap and is still an inspiration to the young rappers in the Philippines. The story will be set in the contemporary times, we would have to see it on how the songs will be delivered.

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