May 7, 2015

Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady review

There may be some spoilers in this review but I can't wait that you will be able to watch Dalanghita Production's Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady that will be showing from May 7 - June 7 at PETA Theater. It is like Marvel with many Easter Eggs and why did I have this feeling that I have to watch after the end credits? LOL
I am ready for the spectacular show in store as I've read the comics by Carlo Vergara based on his one-act play. I also attended the press conference that made me fall in love with the songs created by Vince De Jesus. Not to mention that it is also directed by another entertainment superhero, Chris Martinez, you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy.

I love how the playwright extended the one act play, introducing Mely (Bituin Escalante) and giving the back story of all the characters and giving new twists towards the end. We are also introduced to the new set of villains, the Kayumanggilas that gave our heroes something to work on aside from Viva. The musical is full of laughs, emotions and thoughts as colorful as the world of superheroes.

The songs are lovable and It's like an opening or closing billboard of any Marvel or Japanese superhero show. Watch them here.

Bituin Escalante nailed the role as if it was really made for her. Seeing her from the other productions, her expressiveness and vocal power will captivate the audience. You'll laugh, cry and relate to her hugot spiels. She and Markki Stroem, Leading Man, gets onstage chemistry and they are both to admire. Markki transforms his innocent look into Mely's object of desire which makes them both effective and entertaining.
With Markki Stroem (Leading Man)
You also have to admire the Fuerza Filipinas' costumes that let them expose their powers and the actors to project and emulate and channel their favorite western superheroes:
Fuerza Filipinas (Photo by Axl Guinto)
Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo - Madre de Dios - Phoenix
Caisa Borromeo - Windang Woman - Rogue
Jef Flores - Bazooka Man - Megaman
Gianinna Ocampo - Nena Babooshka - Jubilee
Chesko Rodriguez - Popoy Pusakal - Catwoman

But the villains are lovable too. Their issues against Fuerza are backed up with the humor and great acting especially when you have Nar Cabico to lead. His Senyor Blanko is memorable like he was in ZsaZsa.
Kayumanggilas (Photo by Axl Guinto)
There are many unexpected twists that you are about to see in KPANLL. In the 3-hour production, your imagination will also travel into the new universe created by Carlo Vergara. I am beginning to think of all possibilities that Carlo Vergara may soon release given that this will be a big franchise Taray! Para ka nang si Stan Lee. It's powers will surely struck you visually and to the heart. You really shouldn't miss this.

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