June 11, 2014

BLENDED movie review

Remembering over a decade ago, we had lots of fun with the Drew-Adam tandem with The Wedding Singer which eventually became a Broadway hit of the same title. Now, they return as parents lost in relationship with BLENDED -- a love found in Africa with the consent of their kids.
a movie that presents a person in so many levels. Jim (Sandler) and Lauren's (Barrymore) search for love gives a person hope and chance to move on from a failed relationship. their children, going through puberty, opens the doors for love and enjoyment. people around them push the magical experience and makes it worthwhile and memorable.
what's more fun about the movie is the unexpected appearances by Terry Crews and singing from nowhere accompanied by his doo-wap backups.

like any of Happy Madison movies, Blended also has some serious messages to tell. for one is that we shouldn't judge the person any time especially at the first time of  meeting. for parents, allowing the kids to be on their own with the proper guidance also teaches them to grow.

Watch Blended opening today in theaters near you. Distributed by Warner Bros. Philippines.

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