June 12, 2014

Gout relief with GOUTRITIS

this is my first time to write about a supplement. i am not much of a consumer of specialized products but there is one thing that i can testify because of its effect to the person i care for. my father. he was almost operated this year and braving out some ailment and pains on his joints. he experienced gout.

gout is a painful swelling in the joints, knees for example, due to the formation of uric acid deposits in the body caused by too much uric acid. this pain often occurs to males 40-50 or even younger with an unhealthy lifestyle. we don't want this to happen to ourselves and that's why i am so thankful that a friend introduced me to GOUTRITIS.
GOUTRITIS is a natural supplement that gives pain relief from gout. an active ingredient tart cherry has antioxidants which reduces the inflammation. tart cherry also has properties that lowers down uric acid that targets not only the symptoms of gout but also to the root cause of it. this product is FDA-approved and 100% organic. in other words, it's safe! my father takes it every morning and from then on, he doesn't feel gout pains and swelling. the product actually works for him.

gout has become manageable because of GOUTRITIS. GOUTRITIS is available in bottles of 90 capsules for Php900 and available in blister packs of 10 capsules for Php100. available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide. for more info about this product, you may contact them through their consumer hotlines at 524-6549, 3542208 to 09 and 0947-4890262. you can also email them at info@goutritis.com. more info available at www.goutritis.com and www.facebook.com/GoutritisSupplement

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