May 15, 2014

GODZILLA movie review

it's been a long time since i get to see monster creatures in the movies. in this latest production of Godzilla, i was refreshed to see gigantic creatures fighting and smashing little cities and killing thousands. by far improved and somehow this interest me about the monster.
a part of me takes a little pride in watching Godzilla. we raised the monster, i mean it was raised here in the Philippines. look out for many mentions of the country within the movie and surprisingly didn't damage much of our natural resources, haha! Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead role somehow moved forward to the scene with his new looks.
as the movie refreshed my thoughts on Godzilla's enemies, i remember watching Japanese flicks such as Ultraman with giant creatures fighting against each other, while one is saving the humans. that's what i didn't know about Godzilla, and that it has a superpower of emitting blue flames to kill the enemy.

overall it is a good movie and leaves you thinking if there's part 2. i don't know. let's hope that Aaron's character and Godzilla would be friends? hehe

Godzilla is showing today in cinemas. distributed by Warner Bros. Philippines, also seen on IMAX.

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