November 8, 2013

totally GREASED!

it was just another high school musical for some, but 9 Works Theatrical's GREASE is a whole new experience and a wonderful sight to see and sing along with. the cast of Grease with Gian Magdangal, Francheska Farr, Iya Villana and Rafa Siguion-Reyna has all the audience the excitement and fun.
let's start with the set, of course, Mio Infante always does the best job for the stage design. converting the whole set into bleachers, and anything you can imagine, a part of your high school life, is truly amazing. remembering 9WT's last production, you will surely be amazed.
aside from our 4 lead actors, there were more who livened up Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium with their own numbers. Moo'ed by Reb Atadero and Sarah Facuri with their "exposed" song should really take a lot of guts. Vince Lim, a first timer to acting in theater is well-applauded by strumming and stealing the limelight among others. every actor gives a cheer and you'll stay smiling towards the end. more of that, you'll have to watch out who will be the Teen Angel. our eyes widened when we saw Tom Rodriguez popped out of the stage and sang. for the upcoming shows, watch out.

Francheska Farr's performance could be well-commented for another first-timer. but i think Hopelessly Devoted to You should have been sang with more power as audience can be expected to feel the emotions of the song. but to be fair to her, over-all performance is great. i could understand how difficult it is to sing, dance and act at the same time and getting the pressure of being the lead actress. she did very well and hoping for her to continue the career in theater.

for the theater-goers out there, Grease by 9WT is not just another musical from the company but it also returns you to the time that you had so much fun. the 13-show production runs until December.

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