August 23, 2013

MAXIE THE MUSICAL "Patikim ng Schlight"

at the success of the gay indie movie, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Bit by Bit Productions headed by Darwin Mariano and Carlo Francia, and in cooperation with PETA Theater, Maxie the Musical will soon take the waves of gay rights and equality in the production of Maxie the Musical. opening November 9 to December 8, at the PETA Theater Center in Quezon City.
last night's "Patikim ng Schlight" gig provided a fun glimpse of how the show will transpire. a total of 6 numbers and a few tableau of how Maxie spends his day with his family. the gay adolescent also takes his journey at his hometown. living with his father and two brothers who sells gambling tickets and other illegal jobs.
Maxie and Victor (unofficial cast)
while at this state, Maxie still manages to put the positive mood and serve his family like the only woman in the family. as a "girl" at his right, he gets attracted to a police officer named Victor who is in search of illegal doers at their town. it will be a struggle for Maxie to defend his blood or follow his heart.

i loved the words during the sample reading at the "Patikim." it is both intelligent and flirty as how i see Maxie should be. it would be a great anticipation on how iconic scenes will be executed by director, Dexter Santos and the crew. the beauty pageant, the first meet-up of Maxie and Victor and more. the songs too were very distinct of the characters portraying Maxie, his father and brothers, and Victor as well as establishing sceneries with only just words. the songs really expose how Maxie feels and how Victor reacts to him.

if you loved the movie, you'll also love this musical as another presentation that recognizes members of the third sex in the society. the presentation of how people from the third sex lives as like straight people do, and that also deserve right approach towards them.

tickets are now available on Ticketnet so you have to reserve now. also follow @MaxieTheMusical on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

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