August 17, 2013

EKSTRA movie review

we've known the Star for All Seasons, Vilma Santos, to play lead roles in different movies and being a bit player was the last thing that i could think about. i was really amazed on how she played like one in Ekstra, an independent film that gave her the Best Actress Award for the Cinemalaya Film Festival 2013, and raked in other awards from the critics.
we follow the story of the bit player preparing for bit roles in a soap opera. a one day journey that motivates her to sustain a lifestyle and the needs of her child. the underlying story of a mother that would do anything just to put her gift in a good school, a dreamer. at that day, is like most of us, starting positively, but the turn of events is how fate plays among us. no matter how we sweat ourselves to do our work as needed and to get us recognized by impressing other people, there will be a time that we are going to fall. starting with the feeling of "It should have been me" and ending there, me as an audience immerses into the story and felt the same way and tearing up in anger with myself. some story of regret that makes you think, "I should have done it that way."
That crying moment.
in the sentiment of the bit players, the movie upholds the little people that made up the story, that helps the star stand out, that add color to the background of the set. Ekstra indeed shows another face of life which we usually ignore or even laughed about. but these people have spirits like us, instead of waiting for luck to give what they want, they do a little extra that will give other people what they want. a huge example of sacrifice and dream that people should follow.

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