June 18, 2013

WORLD WAR Z movie review

based on a novel by Max Brooks, Brad Pitt takes on the role of Gerry Lane, a former United Nations employee who gets at war with a zombie pandemic and incidentally discovers a temporary treatment for the disease.
in World War Z, Gerry Lane is happy with his family going somewhere until a wave of zombies came attacking the streets and spreading the disease. and government measures of stopping them is intensified to bringing the whole world into a huge warzone. with his inquisitive nature, he was able to observe the occurrences and track a possible "cure" against the pandemic.
when i saw it, though i was not a zombie-flick fan myself, i was really amazed how people can be very creative of how zombies do what they do. their gestures and all, the way they infect and how they'll be eliminated. with this movie, i wasn't loathed with the falling arms and decaying bodies and i was fully aware of the items that go with the undead.
the suspense-factor is tolerable though i was hiding my eyes for a few moments. i tried to get the attention to the plot which i think is pretty good. the movie in 3D is also to watch out due to the artistic special effects. before i didn't had any interest on this movie but seeing it was not a disappointment

WORLD WAR Z opens June 19 in theaters nationwide, distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation.

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